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Our amazing Unity Casino Templates are ON SALE on our website. Purchase them directly on our website with 10% off, and we will also include personalized customer support. You will receive the newest updates to our games as we will not need to wait for the long approval process through the Unity Assess Store. You will receive exactly the same Unity package as you would through the Unity Asset Store for 10% less (tax included).

Multiplayer Blackjack Game

Multiplayer Blackjack Game

Due to popular demand and huge success with our Blackjack game, Playmex now brings you the first and only Unity Multiplayer Blackjack! It boasts amazing features and a built-in server that allows you to adapt the design to your needs so that you can publish your own game straight away. Players can create a public room or choose to open a private room where they can change the number of decks or the individual time of each turn. The game uses Socke.IO

Desktop Demo
Mobile Demo

Blackjack Game

Unity Blackjack Game

The Best Blackjack Game in Unity Asset Store is proudly ours. This amazing game includes a Desktop version and a Mobile Version. Easy to custom and ready to publish. This Blackjack Game includes 4x cloth colors and it can be easily translated into different languages.

Blackjack Demo

Roulette Game

Unity Roulette Game

The most beautiful Roulette Game in the Unity Asset Store is ours. This AMAZING Roulette Game includes a Desktop Version and a Mobile Version. Easy to customize, translatable and ready to publish. This European and American Roulette comes with the best Physics Simulation out there.

European Roulette Demo
American Roulette Demo