Unity Multiplayer

Multiplayer Blackjack launching in March!

Our Multiplayer Blackjack is about to be launched! It will be the first multiplayer template in the Unity Asset Store and will give companies all the tools they need to adapt and create their own version of the game.

Not final version

This 3-player Blackjack will feature timers for each player, avatar selection, a lobby, and a ‘place your bet’ timer, among other new features.

After high demand for a multiplayer template, we are excited to finally be releasing it early March.

We will be available for custom requests from clients that wish to modify and adapt according to their preferences. Our custom-made Unity games are an affordable way to develop your own games and applications.

Please contact us at alex@playmex.com.mx for further information and a quote.


Biggest Roulette Win Yet?

A CEO felt lucky on his vacation in Punta del Este and gambled the astounding figure of $100,000 USD!

He bet it all on number 32 and, as if it were destiny, he hit that exact number.

He won 36 times his bet… that’s $3,600,000! Can you imagine making that kind of money on a single bet?

Watch the video below if you don’t believe us.



The Simpsons Slot Machine

The Simpsons Slot Machine


It’s finally here! You can play this fantastic new game at the Cosmopolitan and Aria hotels in Vegas. Head to “Appus Casino” and hang out with all our favourite friends.

With several bonus features and fun graphics,  this slot machine is one of the most anticipated games for Vegas in a long time.

To find out more about this awesome game, watch the gameplay below: